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About Us

SvyazKomplekt (SK) is an unchallenged leader in the sales of high-quality telecommunications, networking and electrical products in Russia. We are a major supplier for public and private telecom networks, IT industry and manufacturing facilities.

SvyazKomplekt is also an expert provider of related supply chain, project management and logistics services. SvyazKomplekt helps its customers to power and network their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. Established in 1996, SvyazKomplekt procures, stocks and delivers electrical, communications, and data products, components, test equipment, and tools to its customers. We offer tens of thousands of products from more than a hundred manufacturers from our Moscow warehouse.

When you place an order, SvyazKomplekt can deliver the same week.

When you need technical help, you can count on expert advice from SvyazKomplekt's own engineering staff. Our value-added services include kitting and integrated solutions.

To deliver cost effective end-to-end solutions we work closely with industry-leading suppliers. 


SvyazKomplekt Mission Statements


  • To create consistent customer satisfaction through the delivery of outstanding technology, value and quality.
  • To serve as a vital link in the supply chain, adding value with efficient and cost-effective service and solutions for our customers and suppliers.
  • To develop and evangelize market by leveraging our leadership position with educating professionals and business leaders about new technologies capable of quantum leap increases in productivity and cost effectiveness, building up mindshare through publications in professional press, developing educational services and support knowledgebase. 


SvyazKomplekt Vision Statements

For SvyazKomplekt Customers - We will add value for our customers by anticipating and identifying their needs and providing cost-effective solutions. Through excellent and efficient service, we will meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

For SvyazKomplekt Suppliers - We will be the channel of choice for our suppliers by providing cost-effective and efficient ways to bring their products, services and solutions to customers.

Our customers and suppliers will both see us as an industry leader. 

SvyazKomplekt Quality Policy & Objectives

SvyazKomplekt Quality is a commitment to error-free performance. We are committed to continuous improvement through the Quality Process, assuring consistent conformance to customers' expectations. These objectives can only be achieved within SvyazKomplekt by a culture that embraces a customer focus and implements that focus through the daily involvement of every employee. We gauge our success by our customers' satisfaction.

SvyazKomplekt Product Lines

Telecom Systems Department

Telecommunication network equipment (WAN, MAN, LAN operators and corporate data, telephone and multiservice networks, system integration and projects).

Major vendors: AddPac Technology (carrier class VoIP equipment), Allied Telesis (xDSL, Ethernet access solutions, media converters), Motorola Solutions (Wi-Fi LAN products), Schmid Telecommunication ("last mile" solutions) and others.


Corporate Communication Systems Department

Conference and congress systems (audio and video personal and group terminals, multipoint conferencing systems, audio and video equipment, system integration and projects).

Major Vendors: Compunetix, LifeSize, LG, Radvision, Sony (videoconferencing equipment), Konftel, Polycom (audio conferencing equipment), Danish Interpretation Systems, Realtronix (audio conferencing and congress systems),  Neets (AV control systems).


Access Control Systems (audio/video IP-intercoms).

Major Vendors: 2N Telekomunikace, AddPac Technology, ITS.


Audiopaging and public address (audiopaging equipment and systems).

Major vendors: 2N Telekomunikace (IP-аudiopaging systems).


PBX add-ons and CTI (messaging equipment, autoattendants, voicemail and faxmail systems, voice and CDR loggers, VoIP corporate systems, computer-telephony systems).

Major vendors: AddPac Technology (GSM and VoIP gateways), ITS (messaging systems, autoattendants and voicemail systems), 2NTelecommunication (GSM gateways).

Headsets (call-center, office, SOHO, cellular, computer headsets and adaptors).

Major vendors: Plantronics (headsets).


Cabling infrastructure (copper and fiber optical VDV cables and patch cords, electrical cables, SCS components, in-building power distribution system components, cross-connect equipment, OSP equipment and products, labels and markers and more).

Major vendors: Belden (copper and fiber optic cables), DYMO (labeling products), Conteg (racks), Krone (cross connect equipment).


Telecom Tools Department

Hand tools, test tools and measuring equipment for contractors (telecom, electrical, alarm/security, VDV) and engineering departments (IT, service, repair).

Major vendors: AnCom (telecom test tools),  Agilent (protocol and interface analyzers), APPA (multimeters), Arrow Fasters Company (staplers, riveters, glue guns), Cooper tools (Erem - precision hand tools, Weller - soldering equipment, Xcelite - precision hand tools),  DYMO (labeling products), Electronica (OSP test tools), EMAG (professional tool kits), Ersted (OSP test tools), EXFO (fiber optics test equipment), Fluke Industrial (power analysis equipment, digital multimeters), FOD (fiber optics test equipment), Fluke Networks (provider of network test and monitoring solutions), Greenlee Communications (test equipment : cable locators, fault locators, test sets, ISDN/ADSL testers, fiber optic testers, LAN testers, multimeters, clamp meters etc.; cabling tools: cutting/stripping/crimping/punching/bending/fishing/drilling tools), Haupa (cutting and crimping tools, isolated tools etc.), Jensen (tool kits, cases), VIAVI (Manufacturer of components and test solutions  for every major types of networks), ILSINTECH (high precision tools manufacturer optical fiber termination products), Irwin (hand tools), Jonard Industries (wrapping tools), HORSTMANN (Short-Circuit Indicators,  voltage detectors and other for the medium-voltage electrical industry), HVPD (partial discharge test and monitoring equipment to electricity supply industry), Klauke Textron (tooling for electrical engineering applications), Knipex (hand tools), LinkBit (protocol analyzers), OK Industries (wrapping tools), Pelsue (tents, ventilators and heaters), PITE (battery test equipment, power quality analyzers, cable fault locators), Pressmaster (stripping and crimping tools), Psiber Data Systems (LAN testers, cable testers),  Rhode&Schwarz (test and measurement equipment for mobile radios, radio communications, TV broadcasting and IT-security), Standard Pneumatic (wrapping tools), Stanley Works (hand tools), Sumitomo (fiber optic cable tools), SvyazPribor (cable test tools), Weller (soldering equipment),Technodals (telecom test tools), 3M (OSP test tools).


SvyazKomplekt Sales Channels and Clients

SvyazKomplekt provides a complete product range via two channels:

  • mail order catalog
  • tenders and complex orders

Mail order catalog "SvyazKomplekt"

Since publication of first catalog in 1997, SvyazKomplekt has firmly established itself as a leading mail order supplier of tools and equipment in Russia.

Catalog "SvyazKomplekt" is published annually. Complete edition contains about 100 full color pages of technical descriptions, prices, pictures and diagrams. There are subject supplements to catalog, published routinely.

Since of first publication in 1997 were published more then 500,000 copies of catalog and supplements.

Our catalog sent to prospective and current clients in 89 regions of the Russian Federation; it is bundled with several respected professional subscription magazines; it is distributed at all major trade shows.

Tenders and complex orders

From the beginning of our business we participate in wide range of valuable tenders. Currently SvyazKomplekt is the leading supplier of complex orders for telecom operators and industrial companies. We supply our clients with custom equipment sets and tools kits based on his specifications. SvyazKomplekt provide integrated solutions and engineering service also.


SvyazKomplekt Clients

Among our customers are buying, engineering and IT departments of leading Russian and multi-national companies. SvyazKomplekt established direct relations with major corporate buyers:

  •  ILECs, CLECs and ISPs

Rostelecom (nationwide telecommunications enterprise and universal communications operator), TransTeleCom (one of biggest alternative operator of fixed communication), MGTS (Moscow City Telephone Network), Mobile TeleSystems (leading telecommunications group in Russia and the CIS, offering mobile and fixed voice, broadband, pay TV), VimpelCom (one of the world’s largest integrated telecommunications services operators), Megafon (Russia's mobile operator, provider of wireless and wireline telecommunication services), Tele2 Russia (Russia’s telecom operator), R-Telecom (Оperator of triple play services), Akado (Russia's largest telecommunication company, provides TV, broadband Internet and telephony as a  triple play servise) and others

  •  biggest Russian monopolies, government organizations and companies:

Gazprom (Russian gas company), Transneft (Russian oil pipe transport company), SvyazTransneft (provider telecommunication services to the oil pipeline industry), RSC Energia (military government facilities).

  • biggest Russian industrial companies:

LUKOIL, Rosneft, TNK (oil companies), Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo (airports), Aeroflot (Russian Airlines), Transstroy (general construction companies), JSC "NORILSK NICKEL" (metallurgical conglomerates), Uralvagonfactory (metal works factories), JSC "RusHydro" (Power generating companies) etc.

  • multi-national companies (offices and manufacturing facilities):

Coca-Cola, Schlumberger, PepsiCo, Procter&Gamble, HP, Motorola, Deutsche Bank in Russia, Balchug Kempinski hotel and others.

SvyazKomplekt Business Activities

SvyazKomplekt participates in major Russian trade shows and business events. Since 1997 company annualy participate in IT and Telecom exhibitions in Moscow and other regions and countries of CIS.  In cooperation with marketing agency our company organizes and participates in more than 10 events on IT and telecom markets annually. There are different formats of events: conferences, exhibitions and large international forums, which occur in different cities of Russia and CIS. Attracted audience of event is about 150-500+ specialists.  Visitors include integrators, ICT specialists, corporate and business executives, contractors.  It is worth noting that 45 percent of participants are responsible for business development and sales.

Together with our vendors we regularly organize teaching seminars for industry professionals, thoroughly instructing them in theory and practice of latest advances in tools, technologies, and their applications. This includes processes and applications specifically tailored to Russian market needs.

We closely collaborating with two major Moscow technical universities (Telecommunication and Power Engineering) and their postgraduate training centers in order to foster creation of new cadre and educating them in new technologies. Likewise, we cooperate with several corporate training centers.

We have developed and maintaining about 30 web sites, blogs and social networking pages devoted to technical topics related to our area of expertise with aim to organize interested professional community around them, as well as to provide our clients with detailed up-to-date technical articles and manuals online. At the same time, these web resources serve as public forums for our technical support, and as yet one more media of technical evangelism. All of our web resources contain original Russian-language content developed by our specialists based on vendor information and some information from original vendor web sites.

SvyazKomplekt organizes and supports certification and homologation processes (type approval) of foreign vendor's products according to current requirements of Russian laws and regulations. In addition, we provide other important services vital for market penetration: translation of all vendor's manuals and supporting materials into Russian; design, editing, and other preprint work, printing of localized advertising brochures, fliers and manuals, distribution of all necessary materials to the dealer network and end-users. 

SvyazKomplekt Facilities

To satisfy the customer's needs and to provide fast service SvyazKomplekt has three offices (Moscow headquarters, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk branch offices (www.7787.ru). SvyazKomplekt employs more than 100 well qualified professionals. Warehouse repair and service center is located in.

SvyazKomplekt Welcomes Suppliers

SvyazKomplekt welcomes product suppliers in all areas of our business activity. We are constantly striving to offer a wide variety of effective top quality products. Our aim is to satisfy performance and price expectations of most demanding customers in times of very dynamic, rapidly growing Russian market.

If you are interested in contacting us with a business proposal, or would like to request more business information about SvyazKomplekt, please fill the form below.

Thank you for your interest.

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